glow worm

28 Aug

I just saw an ad for glow-in-the-dark pull-ups. This is brilliant. So often I wanted my kids to stare at their crotch. It is important to develop the skills for when you get older and experience dribbling and need to do the check as you leave the restroom. I wonder if they make adult diapers with glow in the dark pictures. It might not be the greatest idea to wear white anymore…I mean, glowing pictures of superheroes on your crotch in a nightclub might be a turnoff.

The commercial got me to thinking about other things that should be glow-in-the-dark. The obvious is glow in the dark condoms, like in the John Ritter movie. I have some concerns with those actually. It would seem that the goal of those would be to not see them, right? I am not sure I can fully support creating something to glow when it will be stifled.

I thought about glow in the dark bike parts. It is fraught with the same concern. Generally, when I bike and it is dark, it is because I made an error. So, the glow wouldn’t be seen as often as is warranted.

I think I would like glow in the dark eyeballs…just the white part.

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