“Once you’re a ‘crat, you’re always a ‘crat”

01 Oct

We have elected officials that are both poor politicians, and awful gang members. IT is a sad state of affairs. There really is no desire to be “of the people, for the people, by the people” that I can see. It is really more “to the people and up the people.” I am a bipartisan cynic. I do not think either party is clean, or right, or sane. Politics has become a playground for adolescents in Garanimal suits. They bicker and throw tantrums, rather than discuss and negotiate. It is not about what is right, but what is popular amongst the party affiliation. I see no resolution to this fiasco until there is a realistic and true three party system. (The tea-party doesn’t count. They could have, but they blew it but just becoming ultra-republican.)

As I mused over the government shutdown and watched snipets of the speeches, I wondered if Obama would break out in song. “What do you do about a problem like Maria?” I wondered if when the cameras in the Congress were shutdown if they kids in playtime suits and bad ties lined up across the aisle and made threats to each other. Senators wielding knives, congressmen with chains, they square off and say menacing things to each other, “You cant hold a gun to my head, Republican puke.” Maybe, “Look you crazy Democratic sheep, we will fight semantics until we die.” (Quit being anti-semantic.) The dance scene on the desks would be great. Leaping from desk to desk, singing a chorus tooting the party horn, the bedazzled official would defend their side of the aisle. Red faced, paunchy belly, sunken chest, heaving in delight at delivering some small musical hurt to the quivering opposing side.

Actually, I am liking this idea. I have tried to vote by party line (I have been republican, democrat, and unaffiliated). I have voted strictly by issues I am passionate about. I voted for the better tie when it was Gore vs. Bush because I couldn’t tell the difference between them. This would make a logical next step. We could put candidates on the Voice. The judges would be the majority and minority leader and, of course, Christina Aguilara for the eye candy. If there voice is worthy of commanding gang like quivering in their aisle enemies, the judges would hit the button, turn the chairs and say, “Once you’re a ‘crat, you’re always a ‘crat.”

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