satisfied soul

30 Jan

After a pow-wow with God, I decided we now had an understanding and I could go find Outcome. I had told God that I was ready to be happy and find Outcome. I figured I had suffered long enough and should be allowed to rest on Easy Street for awhile. I packed up my expectations and requirements and off I went.

After a long time, I thought I saw Outcome in the distance. I sped up my pace with renewed vigor. As I approached town, I was fascinated to see it was frozen. It was stuck in mid step. Well, the motion was. As I approached the stuck figures, I could hear them mumbling to themselves. I got closer to one fella, his right foot dangling in mid air above the curb. A shift of weight slightly forward and he would be in the crosswalk. I listened closely as he mumbled. I heard him say, “Well, if I step out here, I should be safe, but sometimes a car whizzes by. I might get hit by the car, or I might not. If I don’t go soon, I will be late, and will lose my job, but if I go I might get hit and die…” I continued walking and the mumblings of indecision were on everyone’s lips. I walked to the far end of town and there was a sign announcing I was about to leave town. Leaning on the far side of it was a crusty farmer. He wore dirty overalls and his hands here under the vest, thumbs protruded to latch on the bib. He was giggling, well cackling. I thought about asking him what he was laughing about, but thought he might be crazy and I wasn’t sure I could trust his actions. I step across the town line and decided to ask him. He looked up at me and asked how long it took me to decide to talk to him. I grinned and said, “About as long as it took me to step across the line.” I looked at the sign and it read, “Welcome to Potential Outcome.” Underneath it read, “The Gateway town to indecision and paralysis by analysis.” The farmer was gone, only his cackle remained.

I hoisted my sack of expectations and requirements and headed out once more. I again saw a town in the distance. I trotted into town and eagerly watched. No one was frozen here, which eased my stomach a little. Just then someone ran by mimicking Chicken Little, “The sky is falling, we are all doomed.” I thought that at least Outcome had a sense of humor. The more people I encountered, the more I heard stories of pain, fear, and angst. A 5 year old boy approached and asked to see my bag. I showed him the contents and his eyes shown bright. “Can I have this one, its a lovely requirement. I haven’t seen an expectation like this, and you have two. Can I have one?” I cinched up my sack and asked him what town this was. “Lost Hope.”

I kept walking. I saw the town of Defeated Dreams, Sorrow, Wishful Thinking, and many more. All seemed to fall short of what I expected Outcome to be. So I kept walking. I found myself in a very large round building. In the center was a train switch. It rotated and would direct train engines along different tracks. This one was smaller and there was a comfortable chair in the middle of the turn style. I sat for a while with my eyes closed. I might have napped, but I am unsure. I opened my eyes and looked at the tracks as they led to the various large garage doors. Above the doors were directions and names of destinations. I located the door that said Outcome above it. The door was open and I could just see outside. There was nothing there. No track, no sky, no towns, nothing. I stood and turned 180 degrees. This door had nothing written above it. There was a direction sign above it. In the middle of it was a stick figure and a yellow sign with an arrow, announcing “You are here.” I looked out the door and saw a single track leading to a multitude of tracks. They weaved together and separated. They seemed to go through towns, forests, up hills and down. The tracks were endless and took many unexpected turns. The engine had a name scrawled on the side, “Possibility.” I looked down at the track and noticed it also had a name. “Satisfied soul.”

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