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forged or forced

The weight said forged iron. I have seen different metals that declared they were forged. They are stronger, solid. They weren’t always like that. They were pieces. It had to be shattered, melted, shaped, and molded.

Her face was pinched. Her eyes give her pain away. They seem to brim with tears even when they are dry from the cold breeze. The face muscles squeeze out a smile. It looked painted on like a circus clown. I imagined squeeking her nose, but decided not to. I was a little afraid she’d explode. She swallowed and declared that everything was “fine.” She assumed the air of a breeze and flitted around the room. Her voice became lofty and shallow. She forced.

I sat with him. We shared stories. We shared hearts and souls. He had been shattered as bad as I had been. He had been melted by the heat of a living Hell too. HE had been shaped by necessity and integrity. He had been molded by the assurance that God loved. He had been forged.

There is a movie, “First Knight” with Heath Ledger. He is on the ground after losing a joust. His opponent stands over him and says, “You have been weighed and measured and found wanting.” He then forces and fails. After the failure, the fidelity of his friends is seen by King Edward and he is knighted. He had been weighted and measured, then defeated, then shattered, melted. The love of his friends shaped and molded him…he was forged by love.

Forged or forced?

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I drive a school bus. This means I am up VERY early. The benefit of that is I get to see some pretty spectacular sunrises. I have always been pretty curious with the idea of some of the vernacular around the new day/dawn. “Tomorrow will be another day.” (profound, isn’t it?) “You are starting a new day, a new chapter in your life.” “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” Fascinating thing. The Dawn celebrates a new beginning. It calls to the cosmic “Do over” that we get to call when the game isn’t quite as planned. Dawn relishes in leaving the darkest dark behind. Dawn rejoices in light and color.

This morning the sunrise was pretty spectacular. The color was amazing. IT got me to thinking about what it takes to make a good sunrise, and my conclusion was it is clouds. Not excessive, but a smattering of clouds. I personally like the extended wispy clouds in my sunrises.

If the Dawn is the new day, the clouds are the difficulties from the day before. If we avoid our problems and don’t clean our slate at the end of each day, the cloud cover will prevent us from really seeing the light and color of a new start. My analogy breaks down when there are no clouds, but since I don’t really think that life exists without some difficulties, I will ignore that.

The wonder and joy comes in celebrating each day like a new introduction to an old friend.

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